Project Description


The Great West Way is a 125-mile touring route which runs between London and Bristol.  It was launched in 2018 and is the world’s first multi-modal touring route. It is designed to be travelled in a variety of different ways: by road, by rail, on water, by bike or on foot.

What is it?
The Great West Way links London and Bristol. It follows a 125-mile route based on one of the first Great Roads commissioned by the Kings of England.

Who is it for?
The Great West Way is for curious travellers searching for the real England. Those who want to explore further, delve deeper and uncover the essence of England.

What is it like?
Along the Way, everyday England rubs shoulders with world-famous heritage.

Why should I choose the Great West Way?
The Great West Way offers an extraordinary variety of English experiences not found in any other part of the country

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