Claire Dibben

Claire Dibben

Events and Marketing Manager
Noisy Little Monkey

Claire is Events and Marketing Manager at Noisy Little Monkey, a Bristol-based digital marketing agency focused on HubSpot. When she’s not making cups of tea or cackling at someone’s terrible joke, Claire is busy promoting the agency’s many events including the biannual digital marketing conference they run called Digital Gaggle. In between all the networking and event stuff, she is also responsible for Noisy Little Monkey’s inbound marketing strategy.

Over the past three years Claire has grown Digital Gaggle into a sell-out event, reduced the attrition rate by 25% and transformed the conference into a self-sufficient funding stream. She’s an expert in leveraging corporate events to generate leads and increase brand awareness so if you want to know how events can work as part of your marketing mix, be sure to stop her and say hi!

My Session

Sell out without selling out – how to launch and grow a successful event

Networking evenings, training sessions, trade shows… Events are a typical part of the marketing mix for most corporates. But, what happens when you take your networking events to the next level?

Join Claire and Jon for a session where they’ll share their secrets to growing a monthly meet-up into a sell-out biannual conference for over 200 marketers.

You’ll learn:

  • How events can demonstrate your expertise in a way which sets you apart from your competitors
  • How you can use events to convert more of your prospects into customers and more of your customers into brand advocates
  • How you can leverage sponsorship to facilitate referrals and grow new business relationships within your industry
  • Practical examples of what works and what doesn’t when launching and growing an event
  • Tips and tricks for creating a truly remarkable event which gets people talking about your brand (both in real life and online!)

This session is best suited for corporate event managers who are looking for inspiration to start their own events or need some tips to improve what they’ve already been doing.