Richard Norton

Tiny Giant

Richard Norton is the co-founder of award-winning marketing practice Tiny Giant. Their mission? To fuse big ideas and emerging technology to help brands deliver extraordinary experiences that build loyalty, raise awareness, create value and drive sales.

In 2018, after two decades in advertising agencies working as a writer and creative director, Norts teamed up with Kerry Harrision to explore the creative and commercial possibilities of using AI to augment human skills and inspire new ways to tackle marketing problems.

As a result, he and the Tiny Giant team have worked with brands such as Bacardi, Henley Business School, British Cycling and Unilever.

My Session

Embrace the machine: how creative uses of AI can help you engage your audiences

We’ve heard a lot about Artificial Intelligence creating new ways to engage, inform and inspire delegates. But where do you start?

In this quick-fire session, Norts and Kerry from Tiny Giant take you on a tour of the possibilities of AI, showing you how this technology can be used to enhance and market your event.

You’ll leave the talk with a wealth of practical tips and exciting ideas to implement at your next conference, meet-up or festival.